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Home Blog All You Need to Know about Odoo ERP for Food & Beverages Industry

All You Need to Know about Odoo ERP for Food & Beverages Industry

Odoo ERP for F&B

The food and beverages industry has to follow stringent regulations and meet the ever-changing demands of customers. Hyper-tight process control and intensifying competition are some of the top challenges of this sector. Thankfully, advancing technology has brought Odoo food manufacturing ERP to address these challenges effectively.

In this post, we will discuss all the major aspects along with the advantages and disadvantages of Odoo from the perspective of a leading Odoo ERP consultant in Canada. Let’s start with the account of the current demand for Odoo in the F&B industry.

Current Demand of Odoo in Food and beverages industry

According to a recent report from Grand View Research, the global food and beverage ERP market is projected to cross $12 billion by 2028. Here, Odoo is one of the leading players in the food and beverage ERP market, with a market share of over 10%. Globally, more than 50000 businesses related to the food & beverage industry use Odoo. Some of the big names in the F&B like Coca-Cola and Nestle count on Odoo ERP for food industry.  

The demand for Odoo in the food and beverage industry is set to increase in the coming years as businesses look for ways to improve their efficiency and profitability. Talking about the use cases and benefits of Odoo ERP, a large food manufacturer uses Odoo to manage its supply chain across the world. Even a small coffee shop uses Odoo to manage its inventory, track its sales, and create reports. Odoo helps the coffee shop reduce its operational costs and improve its customer service.

Why is Odoo a Preferred ERP for Food Manufacturers?

Odoo ERP for F&B is an ERP suite created exclusively for food manufacturers. It doesn’t require any additional bolt-on or separate 3rd party software products.

Following Odoo advantages make it an ideal choice for food manufacturers-

  • Odoo ERP allows food manufacturers to get vital insights with a few clicks and monitor production operations in real time.

  • Odoo implementation provides quality checks on purchased goods before manufacturing. It backs manufacturers’ efforts to reduce quality concerns.

  • Odoo ERP for food industry can conduct backward and forward traceability through a supply chain at every stage of the product lifecycle.

  • Odoo F&B ERP supports and validates the FDA’s identification and traceability regulations for food manufacturers.

  • Odoo ERP has a specialized warehouse management tool to enable food manufacturers to make sure that there is no wastage of ingredients.

  • Odoo Food manufacturing ERP solution helps manufacturers to get rid of extensive paperwork that takes much of their valuable time.

  • The MRP module in Odoo ERP solution provides the ability to assess the current inventory and the availability of required components.

  • Odoo Food Manufacturing ERP has Master Production Schedule to establish resource, machine, and equipment utilization across all departments.

  • Odoo ERP solution offers a specialized maintenance module for production equipment to reduce costs related to services.

Let’s understand how Odoo can remain useful in your food industry business.

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How Odoo Has Proven Useful in the Food Industry Business

The food and beverages industry business is highly regulated and competitive yet full of opportunities for growth. A reliable Odoo ERP consultant in Canada can explain the importance and benefits of Odoo ERP for your food business. Here are some top ways where Odoo remains useful in the food industry.

  • It helps food manufacturers automate their production processes, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

  • Food manufacturers can improve their communication with suppliers and customers for enhancing collaboration and customer service.

  • It helps F&B businesses with compliance requirements and regulations such as those related to food safety and traceability.

  • As a scalable solution, it adapts to the needs of any size food manufacturing or selling unit and assists its owners to make insightful decisions.

  • It is a cloud-based solution and accessible from anywhere, so food business owners can stay connected to their data on the move.

Let’s go through some major benefits of Odoo ERP implementation from the F&B industry’s perspective.

Implementation Benefits of Odoo ERP For The F&B Industry

benefits of odoo erp in F&B

As a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Odoo ERP can help food and beverage (F&B) companies improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Here are some of the key benefits that F&B companies can avail through Odoo ERP implementation.

Inventory Management

Odoo ERP has a robust module for inventory/warehouse management that helps F&B companies efficiently manage their inventory levels. The module enables businesses to track inventory movements, monitor stock levels, and reduce instances of stockouts and overstocking.

Production Management

Odoo F&B ERP provides a dedicated module for production management that helps companies effectively manage their production pipeline. The module helps businesses track production schedules, manage bills of materials (BoMs), and generate insightful reports. As a result, your company can boost production efficiency.

Sales Management

A sales management module that can manage the sales process effectively. The module enables your food and beverage business to manage customer orders, generate invoices, and track payments. As a result, you can improve the cash flow, reduce the risk of fraud, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Odoo ERP has a dedicated CRM module that helps F&B companies build healthy customer relationships and improve customer service. The module enables businesses to efficiently manage their customer interactions to gain a loyal customer base over the period.

Accounting and Reporting

Odoo ERP comes with a powerful accounting module that assists you to manage accounts payable and receivable, tracking expenses, and generating financial reports. The reporting module is useful for getting real-time reports on inventory levels, production efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction.

It is fair to mention that Odoo ERP is a versatile ERP system for the food and beverages industry that benefits your business in multiple ways.

How to Implement Odoo Manufacturing Module in F & B

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that you can implement in your F&B business model. Here is the method to implement the manufacturing model of Odoo in your F&B industry.

You can click on Odoo apps on Odoo ERP and install the manufacturing module. Now, we have two ways to make a product with the Odoo manufacturing module.

  1. Create a manufacturing order with simple stages given as default and complete the process.

  2. Customize your work order by setting up a work center and routing mechanisms

Create a Manufacturing Order

Manufacturing > Operations > Manufacturing Orders > Create

Fill in all the necessary details on the screen that pops up-

  • Either create a new product or choose a product from your existing list
  • Select BOMs

Here, the number of finished products will be displayed in the finished product tab. You can see the material consumed for the production in the consumed material tab

Click on “Check availability” to check the availability of raw materials

Manage Production

Once a manufacturing order is made and approved, the production process starts. Odoo lists down the manufacturing orders as-

Manufacturing > Operations > Manufacturing Orders

From here the manufacturers can view the status of all ongoing manufacturing orders.

It is a bit difficult to establish routing, BOM, work orders, and work centers in Odoo ERP. Therefore, it is better to get the assistance of Odoo experts to address the major challenges of Odoo ERP and leverage its benefits.

Why Silver Touch is an Ideal Partner for Integrating Odoo ERP?

Silver Touch is a reputed Odoo ERP consultant in Canada. Our in-house team of experienced Odoo professionals can handle all the processes ranging from implementation to maintenance of this feature-rich ERP. Do you want to discuss the benefits of Odoo ERP for your food and beverages industry? Simply email us at and we will contact you with the strategy and scope.


Q1. What are the benefits of ERP in the food industry?

ERP can manage and automate various processes in the food industry. It optimizes production, maintains, quality, and reduces wastage while increasing efficiency.

Q2. What does ERP mean in the food industry?

A powerful and feature-rich ERP can help the food industry manage and optimize various business processes including purchase, management, accounting, finance, production, and logistics.

Q3. What is the role of ERP in quality control?

An advanced ERP system has a sophisticated and robust quality assurance module to meet all the processes related to production and quality control. It gives the F&B industry better insights and greater efficiency.

Q4. What are Odoo ERP’s key features for the food and beverages industry?

Some key features of Odoo ERP for the food and beverages industry are

  • Raw ingredients management
  • 'Farm to Fork' traceability
  • Quality Control
  • Warehousing & stock control
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply chain management

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