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ERP Software Solutions In Canada

The consumer goods industry is remarkably increasing with unpredictable and uninterrupted disruptions. However, the consumer preferences are also changing. Manufacturers need to think a step ahead of what can be sustainable and stand out in the market. Supply chains feel the impact of the shift in consumer choices, development life-cycles can shrink that can give manufacturers tight margins. In order to gain profits, consumer product companies are shifting to digital platforms to manage their margins and ever-evolving safety regulations.

Silver Touch offers a powerful set of applications and solutions for the consumer product industry. We have integrated solutions like consumer packaged goods ERP and consumer good technology and solutions that can be deployed faster and at affordable pricing without compromising on the quality. We help you with customized solutions for your complex projects that will help the industry meet the standard expectations and stand out in the competitive market. We deliver ERP solutions to ensure you are ready for whatever comes.

Consumer Goods ERP Features

At Silver Touch, we bring unique ideas and solutions worth the value that gives a boost to your business. Check out some of the benefits or features of ERP solutions for the consumer goods industry.

Why Does the
Consumer Goods Industry
Need a SAP Solution?

The consumer goods industry is changing and so are the demands of the consumers. To meet the demands, the industry has to constantly cut down costs from retailers. Companies deal with consumer products that require an ERP solution that is capable of managing the diverse distribution channels that serve the retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and the grocery chains.

Silver Touch can help you integrate in-built CRM management, POS, tracking system, management system, promotional and pricing management, and much more. Key benefits of integrating consumer goods solutions

  • Deliver new products in time and at affordable rates
  • Manage orders and product configuration
  • Track promotions, and trade rebates
  • Comply with safety standards
  • Monitor and analyze data to identify improvement opportunities

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Why Silver Touch as Your Consumer Good ERP Partner?

As one of the most trusted ERP solutions providers, we help consumer good manufacturing companies to align with the data and daily operations. We give targeted emphasis on the vertical sectors of each industry to help you take your consumer goods business to the next level. We assist you to become the best consumer goods manufacturing industry worldwide that offers streamlined processes and better operational activities.

With 30 years of experience in implementing SAP solutions, we have unparalleled insights on the market trends and can bring innovation to the solutions for each industry. Our global presence and hands-on experience in using latest technologies and trends, we give business an edge over other competitors with SAP solutions for the consumer industry.

Frequently Asked Questions on Consumer Goods ERP Software

What is Customer Goods ERP?

Consumer goods ERP is nothing but an enterprise resource planning software that enables manufacturers to optimize operations, saves money, increases flexibility and quickly changes the demands into reality. It helps to face any challenge that comes in the way.

What is ERP in FMCG?

Silver Touch ERP for FMCG software solutions is an end-to-end distribution management software solution that grows beyond the usual resource planning. It helps to budget the planning side from the perspective of sales to purchase and finance. Financial management, product management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and much more is managed with ERP.

How is ERP beneficial to the consumer goods industry?

A consumer good ERP with in-built forecasting, inventory planning and purchasing capabilities leads to efficient and streamlined management that is integrated inventory forecasting of your business operations.

How much time does it take to implement consumer goods ERP software?

How much it takes to integrate and implement consumer goods ERP solutions or software all depends on the time zone and location of the development company. Also, the distribution software varies depending on the size and complexity of the features and functionalities of the project. Planning the implementation will take approximately 4 months.

What are the challenges faced by distribution?
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Inadequate labeling
  • Evolving online eCommerce
How is ERP used in retail?

The consolidated pieces of software you use in the entire process of business into a single and unified suite is the core principle of ERP for any retail organization. The practice of the ERP in manufacturing is rapidly growing and becoming essential to the management of the business.

How to select the right ERP software for the consumer goods industry?
  • Define Your Requirements
  • Understand Your Business Goals and Growth Plan
  • Zero in On Cloud Premise
  • Compare flexibility to Move to On-premise
  • Database Back-up
  • Compare ERP Solutions
  • Consult Existing Customers of the Shortlisted ERP Vendors Retailers
  • Look for a Solution That’s Customizable and Scalable
  • Select an Industry-specific Solution
  • Choose a Solution That Includes Best Industry Practices
  • Deploy a Solution That Allows Integration With Other Software
  • Implementation process

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