Education ERP for School and
Higher Institutions

Educational institutions’ operations have been reshaped by the new era of digitization. The administration process has now improved quickly and quantitatively after older legacy systems. The education ERP software includes a set of tools that changes the systems while improving the planning and management of activities like student enrolment, study sessions, courses, library, and services. Silver Touch provides the best ERP for higher education.

An education ERP system automates and simplifies the operations within the institution that results in a significant increase in the efficiency. Silver Touch is the best SAP education software provider. On a daily basis, educational institutions have to deal with a large amount of data and information. It is a common practice to employ manual techniques to manage these tasks. Such old systems take time and are prone to mistakes. Data integration is difficult and so, SAP for the education system in Canada gives you technical help by automating the complicated data management.

Benefits Of ERP
Software For Education

Educational institutions handle massive data and should have easy access to the information. Where still there are schools and colleges where manual systems are processed, an ERP software for higher education is to be integrated to provide easy access to manage the data and process.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating ERP for educational institutions.

  • Manage Multiple Campuses or Locations Out-of-State
  • Cost Effective
  • Centralized and management of information
  • Effectively manage funds and capital
  • Data security

Custom ERP Modules Offered by Silver Touch

Supply Chain Management

Like standalone software, real-time information is an indispensable element of ERP software modules. The capacity to pursue choices in light of exceptional information is an enormous benefit to the people who have it.

Financial Management

ERP at its center is about centralization of work processes and data. Using financial tools will help total and manage how cash flows through your organization. You can see the entire of your business’ money in the module. From HR offices to showcasing departments. This incorporates elements, for example, an overall record, debt claim and records payable at the most fundamental level.


A strong client relationship is crucial to each business, which is the reason executing an ERP CRM arrangement is very valuable. Utilizing a CRM assists you with better dealing with the deals channel. Monitoring your clients, deals and leads turns into a straightforward matter while you’re utilizing the right CRM device.

Inventory Management

Stock management ERP software works intimately with store network the board, going about as to some degree light rendition. The essential standard of stock administration is that a business has to realize the amount of stock they possess. This goes past basic information investigation and request satisfaction.

Human Resources

Since HR software accumulates information on each worker, it’s continually creating data from every one of your specialties. A HR module gathers data on each representative all the while, regardless of whether you’re working in various areas or from a distance. Data can be divided among offices on a case by case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions on Education ERP Software

What is ERP in Education

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. ERP software is business-performance software that helps the business in streamlining the operations. With ERP for education institutions it helps to involve dealing with multiple data and information.

What is an ERP system in higher education?

A higher education ERP system is to help manage business workflows at educational institutions. It streamlines the flow of information between the business functions and departments of the institution. It also makes it easy to manage communication with the other stakeholders.

How can ERP help schools and institutes?

An ERP software can help you streamline the operations happening in the schools and institutes to make them more efficient and productive. The software can automate tasks for easy operations. This helps the institute members to focus on other important tasks.

What is sap in higher education?

SAP enables higher education to integrate SAP to help with educational skills and real-time job experiences in collaboration with public and private businesses.

Why is SAP in college important?

SAP can transform both higher education and research companies to gain insights with real-time advanced analytics under one platform. It helps to make better decisions, improve internal processes and results in better ROI along with customer satisfaction.

Does Silver Touch provide educational ERP software ?

Yes. Silver Touch is a leading company in Canada with expertise in ERP solutions for various industries. We offer solutions to all the challenges that an educational institution faces. Our SAP ERP experts will help you with the best solutions to manage finance, CRM, HR operations, Supply chain management and much more.

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