Modern Application Development-
Overview of Next -Gen App Development

Are you looking for a top-notch modern app development company in Canada? Do you have an app idea? Silver Touch works with the aim to convert your app idea into reality with end-to-end modern application architecture and services and cutting-edge solutions.

Silver Touch has developed and supported crucial modern applications for some of the renowned companies in the world. Whether you need an app from the ground up or modify the already low-running app, we being the best modern app development company will help you with modern app architecture solutions that fit the best. Using proven methodologies, tools, and managed services, our experts improve your time and value.

High-end Modern App Development
Services with Silver Touch

Web App Development

Are you looking to expand your business online? Silver Touch offers a reliable modern service app that includes designing, prototyping, and deploying new modern application architecture principles. Our tech-savvy experts create custom scalable web apps. We build modern cloud application architecture, APIs, cloud hosting and data storage solutions for a better approach.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We are an app development company that offers a complete development life cycle of designing, integration and development process. With flexible modern app development models, we build applications for startups and enterprises to improve user engagement. Reach out to us with your app idea.

UI-UX Design

UI/UX Design Services

Silver Touch delivers specific modern application design services during the development process. With a great user interface and user-centric experience idea, we offer a wide range of app designs. With a research-based understanding of your audience, our designing approach includes alluring designs to attract customers.

Why Choose Silver Touch for
Modern Application Development

Trusted by 100+ clients, we are Silver Touch focused on building quality software solutions as per your business requirements. Our dedicated development experts are experienced in using various tech stacks and have successfully built consumer-centric or business apps for various platforms like mobile, web, smart devices, and much more.

Let us check what more we have in store for you.

  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Attention to user experience
  • Extremely collaborative and focused
  • Guaranteed on-demand application
  • Follow transparency and reporting
  • Rigorous QA and testing procedures before deployment
  • Building successful MVP

Are you looking to build an app for your business?

We at Silver Touch have expertise in building cross-platform
applications for every industry big or small. Let’s connect to
understand your business vision in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Modern App Development

What is modern app development

Modern app development is a procedure that involves mobile app development with innovative solutions. It helps the experts and company employees to improve the quality and secure the applications.

What are modern application development services?

Application development services involve creating an application for mobile, website and other managed services. With rigorous and stringent development procedures, our team offers extensive development services that help to boost your business.

What are the modern applications?

A wide range of applications with the latest features and technologies are trending in the market. The basic types of mobile apps are native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. Some of them examples of modern application solutions for these apps listed are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Big Data
  • AR/VR
  • AI
  • SPAs
What are modern application architectures?

A well-structured app is a roadmap to business success. Understanding of various aspects like software development, testing and OOD, makes an app reliable and scalable. There are multiple types of application architecture like:

  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Component-based architecture
  • Object-oriented architecture
  • Service-based architecture
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Progressive web app architecture
  • Isomorphic architecture

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