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Silver Touch is providing RPA services that help companies to minimize redundant tasks and optimize processes using bots. RPA is a robotic process automation used for businesses to simplify complex work. Being a top RPA services company in Canada we follow highly efficient robotic process automation techniques using Cognitive Bots, AI and Machine Learning.

RPA is mostly used by enterprises and not by small businesses. We cater enterprise businesses worldwide with our RPA as a service. With our RPA services, we ensure that bots are performing efficiently with the highest level of consistency. If you are looking for RPA implementation services or if you need continuous support and maintenance on Bots, Silver Touch can fulfill your business requirements by providing the best quality RPA services.

Our support team manages, optimizes and monitors your project with RPA setup and infrastructure. Our RPA services company offers RPA enhancements to improve and ensure continuous support. Our innovative approach to robotic automation has the ability to provide a custom automated releases and enable you to run your business tasks and applications through RPA implementation services.

Rely on ERP Virtual Assistant

It helps to interact with multiple applications and automates and validates the data.

Lead Teams with RPA

Teams work in attended automation mode as per business decisions.

Scalability and Productivity

Built-in business analytics to manage productivity and manage bank security and audit logs.

Silver Touch – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services Company


Robotic Process Automation Services Offered by Silver Touch

Process discovery is the first step towards providing RPA services. It is difficult to identify the process for automation for different businesses as they are facing issues in real-time. It makes it important to identify the right process and implement RPA automation with our RPA experts who have thorough knowledge and experience. They can understand the current process and modify it to the suitable process needed.

Our experts include the process walkthrough by using feasibility to identify the process and based on the feasibility index, the process will be selected to implement RPA.

“Look out for Expert Process Scrutiny & Process Selection for Automation!”

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Automation Consultancy

Silver Touch offers the best RPA consulting services. Our experts focus on critical processes that solutions with RPA on how to manage and modify the current business processes with RPA services. Our RPA services are robust and can help to automate the daily tasks. It reduced the time and cost while improving the effectiveness of the amount of tasks spent daily. RPA in shared services is the quickest solution to implement without changing the old systems. We have experts with a Master Certificate in RPA.

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Bot Development

Silver Touch focuses on enterprise level security. With Bot development we have a secure framework that our RPA consultants can rely on and use. Our Bot development process involves data security and integrity.

Check our Bot development lifecycle.

bot-life-cycle bot-life-cycle

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Support and Maintenance

Silver Touch is a top-notch RPA services company that provides 24/7 support services. Our technical experts and RPA certified masters help you with Bot related issues within a short span of time.

Silver Touch has a support team to ensure that RPA shared services reduce operational complexities and also Bot runs seamlessly. Our support team is ready to handle any issues related to Bot to keep the business running smoothly.

RPA – Trainings

Our authorized center of excellence provides excellent training for corporates and individuals on robotic process automation. Silver Touch not only solves enterprise operational issues but also provides technology training.

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Frequently Asked Questions on RPA Services

What is RPA Managed Services?

RPA managed services can reduce manual work and shift to automation to support and maintain the performance of the business operations. It is a virtual robot that is designed to perform a wide range of business operations. It helps to reduce the cost of manual work and also prevent any human error.

What are the three types of RPA?

Attended Automation

This type of robotic automation resides on the user’s machine. We use this type of RPA that is best suited for the tasks that are triggered and programmatically hard to detect. For example, a customer service executive needs 3 screens to complete 5 manual steps for a transaction. Instead of wasting time behind the entire long process, they can choose our RPA launch and automation code.

Unattended Automation

These RPA bots are like a batch process on the cloud that completes the background tasks. Unattended automaton is to deal with the back office work and reduce their work. Unattended automation is used for data input for a location, bot initiated, or work done at specific intervals.

Hybrid RPA

In this type of RPA, we offer both attended and unattended RPA that combines with front and back end of the employees work. We follow an end-to-end automation process for hybrid RPA that seamlessly completes the entire task of the employees at a larger extent.

Which are the top three RPA tools?

Automaton Anywhere

With automation anywhere we complete business tasks quickly. Although the tasks are plenty in number we can distribute to multiple computers and automate the tasks by recording and reducing manual data entry. This will help businesses prevent the chance of human error and reduce the hours of work. It saves a lot of cost and increases the productivity and accuracy of work. We offer RPA tools that work and learn new processes easily.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism supplies tools that help RPA automation at the back office process. The operations done by Blue Prism enable cost-effectiveness and agile method by automating manual and mundane repetitive tasks. It helps to improve the accuracy with digital force. Blue Prism is a browser-based, windows interface that can be used mainly in banking sectors that automates the back end data that starts from evening and ends in the morning.


UiPath is another top most preferred tool. We use UiPath as a windows desktop tool that helps in multiple activities and reduces human repetitive tasks and scalability. UiPath works with flowcharts, sequence and framework.

The biggest advantage of using UiPath as the RPA tool is it can be hosted in the cloud environment. With this tool, robots are managed and handled by users to centralize the repository.

What RPA Means?

RPA is nothing but robotic process automation that helps enterprises to reduce human manual work. All the back office work or data work is handled and managed by RPA services which gives time to the employees to focus on other important and high level tasks.

Which company is best for RPA?

Silver Touch is one of the leading RPA manager service providers in Canada. They have a team of consultants who can understand your business operations and provide the best possible and suitable RPA solution. With years of experience we have served a lot of companies at enterprise level irrespective of any industry.

Can RPA replace BPO?

Nothing is possible overnight but RPA solutions can help BPO in speeding up at much lower cost. It will help BPO with small incremental improvements over the time.

What is RPA consultancy?

RPA consulting is a company that aims to develop optimization solutions with RPA. The wide range of services will cover the entire process and management of the businesses.

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