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Silver Touch is the leading SAP Business One partner, Consulting service provider, and best ERP Solution for Small and Medium Businesses. Companies nowadays always look for a single integrated solution that helps them streamline their operations. Through the SAP Business One ERP software solution, you can manage the entire business process from finance to accounting and customer relationships seamlessly. SAP Business One ERP helps you manage the operations and make better timely decisions to accelerate growth. You can easily get access to critical information and make informed decisions.

SAP One Business Offerings:

AP License Procurement

SAP License Procurement

We are one of the leading SAP Business One partners in Canada that provides SAP License Procurement, integration, and deployment services. They understand their need for SAP and help planning the budgetary provisions, suggesting areas where ERP solutions are needed.



The SAP B1 implementation and customization solution maps the unique needs of the businesses. We at Silver Touch help companies to leverage requirements and match the needs of the companies with their current processes with as much as accurately as possible.

SAP Training

SAP Business One Training

Silver Touch provides thorough training on SAP Business One modules and allows them to complete the application procedures. This step removes the apprehension of end-users even before using ERP.

Add on development

Add-on Development

Silver Touch has developed some very important add-ons that give an edge to the manufacturing, packaging, shopping cart, HR department, etc. Apart from the available add-ons, we provide industry-specific SAP add-ons to develop and support industry software updates.

SAP Business One Support

SAP Business One Support

We are a well-known SAP Business One partner with on-site and off-site support services to ease the businesses. We analyze and resolve all the implementation complexities required in the process.

SAP Business One 10.0 Highlights

SAP Business One 10.0 is a single integrated solution that is apt for all small and mid-sized organizations. SAP software inculcates all the functions from finance to customer relationship management, accounting to supply chain, for all the SMEs.

SAP Business One modules providing stability and expansion of the core areas of the business

  • This ERP software solution has some of the basic features that makes it stand out from the rest of the ERP solutions. With the authority to manage all the business aspects, SAP Business One helps in various business niches like Sales, Finance, Logistics, and Accounting with an amplified opportunity to manage the processes easily.
  • The new version of SAP is a much more appealing solution that eliminates the additional cost to save integrating standalone applications. The software intuitive business has the power to reduce inefficiencies and provide real-time information to allow smooth integration.
  • SAP Business One new version is blessed with the production routing. This is a new feature with new updates to use for businesses without depending on the add-ons. The new update allows the resources to be the host center.
  • The RMA is a new feature of the new versions. Return merchandise authorization is the issued document to clients who are not satisfied with the product or want to return to the old. RMA has initiated through SAP B1 with clarified invoice, delivery challenges and customer service that will be catered to the clients.
  • Another recent feature of SAP 10.0 is the PME- product management enhancement. It allows transactions to be assigned to the project stages with accurate analysis. Also, the project management module is the GANT chart to manage and plan well.

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SAP Business One Module wise Features

Sales and Purchasing
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Redesigning Gross Price
  • SAP Business One Cost Updates
  • Campaign Management Updates
  • Managed CRM
  • Authorization Simplified
  • Excel Updates Imported
  • Enhanced Approval Procedures
  • DTW Additional Objects Support
  • Managing Own Settings
  • Change Log Cleanup Utility
  • Multi-Branch Supports Data Ownership
  • Multi-Branch Filtering & Transaction Updates
  • License Updates
  • HTML based Online Help
Platform Extensibility
  • Web-Based Workflow Management
  • Company-Specific Mailer Configuration
  • New DI/UI Objects Exposure & Enhancements
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Optimized Login Connection
  • Electronic File Manager Support
Financial Management
  • Internal Cost Accounting Transactions
  • Centralized Payment Engine
  • Chart of Accounts Alignment & Usability
  • G/L Account Determination Matrix Updates
  • Multi-Branch Filtering and Transactions
  • Scheduled Batch Transactions for Payments
  • Electronic File Layout Templates
Business Intelligence
  • Interactive Analysis
  • Analytics Portal
  • Pervasive Analytics Designer
  • Intuitive tools
  • Pre-configured cockpit
  • Powerful Data Visualisations
Lifecycle Management
  • SAP B1 Components
  • Embedded Incident Reporting
  • System Landscape Directory Enhancements
  • Remote Support Platform 3.2 Updates

SAP Business One Deployed on
The HANA Memory

SAP Business One HANA is the in-memory computing platform where it supercharges the application speed and allows analyzing huge real-time data. SAP B1 with SAP HANA eliminates the layers of complexities and reduces the cost found in the legacy of IT business to help run smarter, and simpler.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sap Business One

What is the use of SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a single and affordable solution that gives the business an edge to manage the business process alone. It helps to control the business with the ERP solution.

Is SAP Business One Free?

Yes. SAP Business One if absolutely free to use.

Is SAP Business One the same as SAP?

SAP is an e-business software integration tool that delivers user-based content. Whereas, SAP B1 is composed of a database server more than one.

What are the 13 modules of SAP Business One?

The SAP modules include:

  • Administration
  • Financials
  • Opportunities
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Business partners
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Project management
  • MRP
  • Human resources
What does SAP Business One include?

Unlike the other software solutions, SAP B1 includes various modules and its own features that make them stand out in the business operations.

What are the functionalities of SAP Business One?

The key functionalities of SAP Business One is to provide real-time reporting and analytics, complete virtual control over visibility, and to cater industry-specific requirements.

How does SAP Business One work?

SAP B1 is an ERP that works by integrating all aspects of the business that need attention and streamlined management. Departments like finance, accounting, inventory, HR and customer relationship will be helpful with the SAP with clear visibility to the business.

Is SAP Business One an ERP?

Yes SAP Business One is one the most known and preferred ERP Systems.

What is the difference between SAP Business One and SAP HANA?

The fundamental difference between the two is the database tech. The SAP is based on the storage whereas HANA is based on the in-memory of the technology.

Is SAP ERP good for small business?

Yes. It is built for small businesses. With thousands of customers across the world, SAP business is one of the leading ERP solutions for SMEs and a flexible solution that offers robust functionality to grow business efficiently.

Who can use SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP platform that is intended for small and medium sized businesses. It is designed to help the companies manage the businesses with complex needs.

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