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With the increase in adoption of cloud migration, multiple cloud services providers are getting a boost to offer valuable services to the companies. Reliance on such providers is majorly driven by companies that need to monitor and managed to make it cost-effective.


Why Do We Need A Managed Cloud Service?

Cloud management continues to grow in organizations and effective management service is the key priority. To address this challenge, Silver Touch chooses a different way to manage the cloud infrastructure. Some are able to manage on their own, while some search for companies that provide managed cloud services to solve their complexities instantly. Silver Touch has broad experience to manage hybrid environments and cloud resources. Whatever the case, the aim is to find the right solution that fits the business complexities.

Cloud Management Services that We Offer are

There are below risks involved if you cannot find the right cloud infrastructure services management company

  • cloud-managed-services
    Operational Risks

    Finding the right fit of choosing the cloud managed service company is important. If you face any failure, it will cause serious operational risks in the process. It may halt the functioning of the ROI models.

  • cloud-managed-services
    Security Risks

    Applications run on public clouds that increase vulnerability to cloud security risks. Considering this fact, it is essential to reach out to the cloud consulting services at Silver Touch to help you with the right strategy to prevent security risks.

  • cloud-managed-services
    Lack of Support

    Lack of support will weaken your cloud shift. It is an expensive service and may often take time to show results. With the right cloud implementation support you can avoid additional costs.

How Silver Touch helps in implementing Business Cloud Services?

As a part of cloud computing services, Silver Touch offers solutions with scalability and seamless deployment capabilities:

  • Rapid cloud deployments that are customized as per your business requirements
  • Enhanced compliance with security features
  • Scalability with pay-as-you-go models
  • High productivity through effective resource or in-house employee utilization
  • Continuous guidance from planning and deciding the strategies to execute the cloud solutions
  • Business continuity with ease in dealing database workload and other daily routine tasks

Why Integrated Cloud Solution is Important?

Parenting with cloud managed service providers is always a cost-effective affair. Managed Cloud Services offers following benefits to your business.

  • Integrated Services – We offer flexible solutions that match the business needs with pay as you go model or various payment plans that help to prioritize the business expense.
  • Robust Infrastructure – With 24/7 managed network infrastructure we provide security protection and network monitoring.
  • Centralized Services – At Silver Touch we manage all the services and applications under one data centre. This is helpful to enable easy access, effective resources utilization.
  • Service Level Agreements – Under strict service level agreement, we ensure to have the control over the service levels and help the business gain more benefits.
  • Data Safety – We assure data security and safety through timely data backup. It helps in faster recovery of the data all over the cloud applications.
  • Timely Updates – We keep our data center updated with the latest technologies, firmware, patches
  • Easy Interfacing- We work with leading cloud vendors in case of any critical issue. We take responsibility for the critical issues to amend and control.
  • Quick Response Time- We take care of providing quick response in the least time. We help you save time and effort with quick solutions too.

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