We follow a well-defined approach towards understanding the business requirements. We discuss various automation processes with the business owners that are feasible according to their needs. Based on the process, technology and data structure, the automation solution that we derive offers the best assessment for complex levels of issues.

Is your company facing any of the below issues?

  • Are there abundance
    of resources?

  • Are the enterprises able to
    scale up to process optimization?

  • Is your process able to
    deliver results in time?

  • Are processes dependent
    on resources?

If the Answer isYes

Silver Touch is right destination for your solution. We have an
automated solution using RPA and Bots that will be helpful to resolve your pain areas

Robotic Process Automation is

  • Designed for any industry

  • Creates Bots in the quickest time

  • Streamlines operations in few days

  • Low investment initially

  • Experience ROI in 3-6 months

Silver Touch is one of the leading RPA consulting companies with automation anywhere and UiPath as a platform for RPA. The automation consulting services given by Silver Touch has been recognized as the center of excellence by RPA Global Leader, Automation Anywhere.

RPA, the Robotic Process Automation is the phenomenon of software that works on a regular basis with high volume repetitive tasks performed manually by humans. In many companies processes take time as they are a resource burden with mundane tasks. Why are these processes a resource burden? Change the process and empower your employees with the new RPA process. Discuss with our workflow automation consultant who is more than happy to help you to optimize the process and with scalability.

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Roadmap to Automation with Silver Touch

We research and identify the process that needs automation and we provide the best resources or automation consulting services. We develop close knitted and end-to-end solutions for RPA implementation with objectives that suit your business needs. Our domain expertise is to identify the process suitable for automation and we provide support and maintenance after implementation.

A well-defined RPA roadmap helps the companies to decide the RPA implementation. Process analysis, assessment and feasibility study is thoroughly done by our robotic process automation consulting experts to lay a strong RPA foundation for your business. Different process owners within the organization help us to perform and identify the feasibility and predefine the equation based on index. It evaluates whether the process is eligible for the automation or not due to various complexities.


Process Discovery & Process Assessment

A systematic approach leaves no room in understanding the business requirements with streamlined business processes and areas that are considered for automation.


We are RPA consulting firms and our functional business automation consultant provides a walk-through with SMEs and a couple of use cases for pilot run. Pilot run incurs less investment and can be implemented with quick RPA capability. Our practical approach enables us to start business case workflow automation consulting.

Based on the study of the business process, we conclude the input metrics, volume of data complexity calculator, estimation of development and standard estimation. Process prioritization is based on manual hours spent and number of employees working or involved in the silios, steps, business logic and deployment process.

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Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility analysis is conducted based on the resources working on the task. The more the number the more is the priority. So, a high number of FTE involves high priority of RPA. structured data processes with defined business rules become quality resources with less time to automate. It is easy and quick for structured data. Processes with frequent changes reduce the probability of automation.

The above mentioned criteria helps in recognizing the complexity and priority of the process whether they need RPA implementation or not. The complex process that involves decision making and human intervention gets removed from the analysis.

The RPA consultant roles and responsibilities at SilverTouch is to expedite feasibility and consider the data collected of specific processes to define the process walk-through.
Complexity Analysis, Cost Estimation

After completing the feasibility analysis, the next step is to estimate the complexity of the process that needs automation. SilverTouch has developed a complexity calculator to estimate the depth of complexity of the process.

After finding the complexity index, the business model is compared and modified with the automation and the cost and effort is then analyzed.

Savings and Benefits Analysis

We estimate the FTE cost and effort that each process determines with the % of automation required. FTW savings are then calculated.

Apart from that manual hour spent is calculated in the form of reduced errors, business agility, employee productivity and regulatory compliance.

ROI Calculation

Business priorities are defined based on the hours worked and managed. The quality improved, reduced errors, streamlined critical processes and adhered to compliance is all checked and approved during the process.

Business Priorities

Enterprises focus on multiple factors to automate the task. At Silver Touch, our RPA consultants focus on business priorities while considering the high level benefits analysis. It includes the following factors to consider by the businesses:

  • Save human working hours

    Save human
    working hours

  • Improve quality


  • Improved employee experience

    employee experience

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    customer satisfaction

  • Streamline critical process

    Streamline critical
    process on priority

  • Streamline critical process

    Streamline critical
    process on priority

After identifying the process, our intelligent automation consulting gets the information on the work and drafts the estimation of the complexity. It also gets the information on how much manpower is involved and number of hours the tasks are done. We conduct a high level of benefit analysis and use the complexity calculator to analyse the equation of high priorities annual savings and terms of hours and dollars.


By implementing RPA, employees can spend more time on other priority tasks that an enterprise needs attention. With this solution they can achieve more success, save time, and cost and gain ROI within 6 months. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on RPA Consulting Services

What is automation consultant?

RPA consultant or automation consultant or RPA freelance consultant are nothing but people who are expertise and certified in robotic process automation. They can easily identify needs of the business and prepare the workflow of automation.

Can you automate consulting?

Yes. SilverTouch has professional certified automated consultants who can help you with automation consulting services.

How do you automate a consulting business?

With automation business, we can eliminate the working hours of the resources and save the cost. The hours worked by an employee can now be utilized to better projects that need attention.

What is RPA consulting services?

RPA consulting services is nothing but robotic automation process consultation that identifies the complexities of the business and prepares the process to streamline the operations. It helps in solving the bugs and errors of the project.

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