Why Does the Automotive
Industry Need ERP?

The automotive industry is on the verge of a huge revolution and it is evolving massively. It plays a dynamic role that is customer-driven with automotive sector components of different varieties required to make the final product from assembling, polishing, and painting the parts. The automotive industry will continue to grow in the future and so, Silver Touch has come up with the best ERP for the automotive industry. Manufacturers have faced the growing demand of vehicles and connected mobility. To focus on customer satisfaction, without compromising on quality issues we have introduced ERP for automotive.

It has improved the business in maintaining profitability, providing high-quality products in time. Where we once imagined an automotive industry to focus on the digital, robot-driven production, the reality today has transcended the industry floor into connecting employees and processes with data envisioned earlier. With ERP it is all far beyond what was once thought about modern enterprise resources planning frameworks to accomplish objectives.

Challenges in Automotive industry

Adapt to Unparalleled Automotive Market Challenges with Our Automotive ERP System.

Why Consumer Goods
Industry Need SAP Solutions?

Intensifying competition, ever-changing expectations of customers and digitization have compelled consumer goods industry to integrate advanced SAP solutions. Bespoke SAP S/4HANA solutions can increase throughout and capability of the consumer goods company. A preconfigured SAP S/4HANA solution for Consumer Goods Company can help you transform key business processes and drive innovation across multiple channels.

While the implementation does not require more resources, the time taken and coordination with different departments will outweigh the efforts with ERP solutions. Industry-based organization benefits with the SAP business one automotive with features like quality control management, inventory management, finance management, costing and service management, and so on. Key benefits of Automotive ERP Software

  • Operational and Resource Efficiency
  • Streamlined Process for Automotive Workshop Management
  • Inventory and Delivery Management
  • Integrating ERP solutions for Accounting
  • Enhanced Productivity with Better Customer Service

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How does our ERP software benefit you?

Silver Touch delivers a fully integrated, fully compliant, and quick-to-deploy ERP software solution. It is a web-based business management system that provides a real-time holistic view of your automotive industry. In fact, Silver Touch ERP automotive solution is one of the preferred ERP software for seamless business operations with multiple business units. The integrated ERP software of Silver Touch organizations manage at multiple locations and departments with a centralized data source, which is shared across the teams.

Silver Touch ERP is accounting specialists, CRM specialists, HR specialized software and much more where you can eliminate data redundancy, streamline the data, and operations. It will increase productivity and profitability of the automotive business. Automate all your tasks including invoicing and payment gateways, KPIs and much more to ease the statutory compliance and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions on Automotive ERP Software

What is ERP in automotive?

Automotive ERP software is a centralized and computerized solution that enables the automotive industry and businesses to handle and manage all the aspects of sales, distribution, workshops, garages, rentals, and leases. It is a one-stop solution for all automotive companies to manage business and increase ROIs.

Does automotive use ERP?

Automotive industry businesses use ERP solutions to deliver high quality services and manage the operations and processes efficiently. ERP solutions increase and improve manufacturing efficiency, support inventory management, supply chain performance, reduce skills gaps and provide automotive-related businesses with a flexible environment.

Why is ERP important to the automotive industry?

It consolidates the data of every department and improves the decision making power to make quick and right informed decisions. Automotive industry manufacturers need up-to-date information on customers, resources, employee management and manufacturing status. ERP is the best solution for data management.

Why are ERP systems valuable?

ERP systems are valuable for all the industries and when it comes to the automotive industry, a fully-integrated ERP system allows the seamless flow of information. It helps to connect across departments and functions. It also helps to streamline the business process and improve the business functions.

What automotive companies use SAP?

There are multiple companies that use SAP for their automotive businesses. Some of the top automotive organizations are Mubea, TRW, Toyota, Bosch, and Mahindra and Mahindra. However, these companies and more are now using the new SAP S/4 HANA the next gen ERP software to assist these industries achieve digitized supply chain, manage skilled workforce, and mobility services.

What is SAP in the automotive industry?

SAP solution for automotive industry manages the end-to-end business operations. The automotive sales, customer relationship, financial and accounting management, and investment functions are all managed with the help of one solution-ERP. It helps to remove the errors of the system and integrate the right system.

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