Legal ERP Software
For Law Firms in Canada

As technology continues to transform in every industry, legal firms are also adapting to the new digital world. From traditional legal models to new competition of the software, the legal industry has emerged with new techniques to manage and streamline the legal workflow with ERP software. As such, law firms are on a continuous quest for more efficient, learning ways to provide the best legal services. Silver Touch ERP is designed to help your law firm with cutting-edge software without compromising on the quality.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to integrate ERP for Law firms like what Silver Touch offers. We help you with the best ERP for law firms to manage your legal practice and maximize your business revenue. While legal firms are evolving, we help you integrate the best legal management software to help you feel prepared for the future. Our solution will help you manage and track each step that your legal case may follow or a lifecycle for handling case matters efficiently.

Why Do Law Firms
Need ERP Software?

ERP is a tool that many businesses and industries utilize to make perfect planning, decision-making, and information sharing to the departments and the team to manage. It is possible to boost efficiency and communication amongst employees to enhance the workflow of the legal office to avoid critical issues.

Key benefits of law firm ERP includes:

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Create More Transparency for Law Firms
  • Make Employees Independent with Law ERP software
  • Offer Best Decision-making skills and Automated Payroll Process
  • Increased Billable Utilization

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Why Is Silver Touch Best Suite For Your Legal ERP Solutions?

If you are looking for a centralized system that can manage your legal firm, Silver Touch can give you benefits that you have never imagined. We provide an end-to-end scalable platform that grows along with the legal practice. Our software is easy to manage your legal cases as it gives instant access from any device and irrespective of any location. Our ERP software organizes all the client data into one system to help you secure your client’s portal.

With gaining actionable business insights we provide accurate and timely reporting and analytics. The ERP system at Silver Touch offers tracking contracts, proposals, estimates and all the associated terms of legal cases. It helps in sharing the reports, bills, and other important documents easily. Automate your client case management with all the reporting and compliance under one system.

Frequently Asked Questions on Legal ERP

What does ERP stand for in Law?

ERP is enterprise resource planning that can help law firms manage huge databases easily and safely. When it comes to legal formalities, clients are worried about security. ERP system gives that security of their personal details and information unless it has to be shared by any other party or firm.

How to choose the best ERP system for your law firm?

There is a said procedure to select the best ERP firm for your law firm.

  • Define the need
  • Analyze the technical plan
  • Plan your ERP budget
  • Check scalability of ERP system in relation with your law firm needs
  • Choosing the ERP system: cloud-based or on-premise
  • Verifying your ERP software partner

Having mentioned these, you can contact Silver Touch to provide the best ERP software for your Law firm.

What is the best software for law firms?

There are multiple software for Law firm like:

  • ERP systems for management
  • Clio
  • Smokeball
  • MyCase
  • CosmoLex
  • Zola Suite
  • Rocket Matter
  • Lawmatics
  • PracticePanther
What software do legal firms use?

There are multiple software that are needed to run an efficient Law firm. To manage daily practices and documentation there is an ERP system for accounting and database management. Apart from that there are below important software that a Law firm should use.

  • Time & Billing Software. Keeping track of time for client billing for that time worked, is an integral part of any lawyer’s job
  • Document Management Solution
  • CRM Software
  • Knowledge Management Software
  • Finance & Accounting Software
What is ERP in regulatory compliance?

Integration of GRC-governance, risk and compliance with enterprise resource planning software makes the process of regulatory compliance and reporting more easy and simpler. Instead of a siloed approach, we can unify the strategy, risk and performance and sustainability under one system that is ERP.

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