Modernize Government Sector With ERP

Government sectors across the world are adopting IT solutions to identify and bridge the gap in the existing delivery system. Considering that the most important duty of the public sector is to serve the public and identify their needs with the best of resources effectively. Reduction in cost and increase in public satisfaction are the main objectives of the government sectors. This can be achieved only with the help of digital solutions like ERP in the Government sector.

At Silver Touch, we helped many Government organizations in choosing the perfect fit of Government ERP software to unlock new opportunities and drive the goals. We help in implementing ERP solutions and modernize ERPs. We help with portals and digitizing the files to create a user friendly environment. These portals assist the public to pay utility bills, taxes and other services related to the public sector in an efficient manner.

Why ERP Software for
Government Sectors?

State and local governments are running in different levels where digitization is aiding the sectors to design and implement new training programs for employees. Governments are embracing the technologies to improve defense strategies and address internal security challenges.

With highly specialized functionality and controls, governments face multiple challenges with budget pressure, regulatory tape, security restrictions, and service demands. Key benefits of government ERP implementation

  • Cloud savings in the cloud
  • Efficient services delivery
  • Strategic IT modernization
  • Increased data security
  • Optimization of resources

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Why Should You Select
Silver Touch as Your
ERP Solutions Developer?

With the public sector undergoing drastic change, government agencies are looking for ERP partners to help them accelerate decision-making, improve ROI, collections and simplify the delivery system. As a leading ERP software provider, Silver Touch is well-placed to help governments to build a modern IT-enabled framework for government’s well-being.

We enable government institutions to leverage technology and adopt innovative capabilities to serve the citizens by closely identifying their problems and connecting with them. Our technologies help improve social-value and well-being with solutions that enhance transparency, and accountability. They are equipped to assist the institutions meet unpredicted challenges like rapid change in demographics. We assist public companies to reduce costs, address inefficiencies and proceed with public voice. Silver Touch provides design and development of web portals for the public for easy access to the services and information from any location.

Frequently Asked Questions on Government ERP Software

What ERP Does the Government use?

As state and local governments move to the cloud for data security and improved modernized infrastructure, SAP ERP for Government provides comprehensive solutions to help build better cloud ERP.

Is SAP used in the government sector?

SAP ERP is a leading provider of cloud computing in the government sector. This also includes enterprise mobility, data analytics to the government and NGOs globally. The SAP for public sectors gives innovative solutions to improve overall government performance, services and accountability to improve public living.

What is the role of SAP in the government sector?

Our ERP for the government sector helps you deliver better public life and value at reduced cost while continuing with an agile process. Through native integration between processes, our software includes public sector budgeting and fund management seamlessly.

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