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Silver Touch ERP Life Sciences manages the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of biotech, pharma, and healthcare products across various companies, warehouses, regions and countries. The Life Sciences software is uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers in the life science sector, including receptacle management, quality control management, audit control and traceability. What more? Life Science ERP solutions are extremely flexible, and allow customization of the system to meet the unique operational requirements of the business. It helps to scale and change the business with the ability to see the future.

More than ever before, consumers are pressurizing the healthcare providers to keep the costs down without compromising on the quality. This pressure throughout the supply chain, forcing manufacturers to do their part and no one can reduce quality when it comes to human safety and automation around secured compliance, documentation, traceability, and admin that is more important. The lower-cost quality has opened the doors to global competition. ERP for life sciences is designed for industry to automate tedious and time-consuming business processes with reduced risk and interference of human error.

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Silver Touch brings the best solutions with ERP for Life Science sector that includes services like.

Why Does
The Life Science Industry Need Sap B1?

Stay compliant, safe and ahead of the curve of Life Science Organization. SAP Business One for Life Sciences supports innovation in your product strategies, and business models while managing complex global supply chains to get drugs and devices faster. Leverage the capabilities of life sciences solutions with SAP best practices for life sciences to foster real-time visibility.

It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates proper forecasting to ensure high-quality end products. Key benefits of best SAP solutions for Life Sciences

  • Save money, supply chain expenses up to 50%
  • Implementation phase that allows accounting systems to surface
  • Automated workflows eliminates manual tasks
  • Access to key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Best of life science SAP and their outsourced supply chain partners

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Why You Should Select Silver Touch
as Your SAP Partner for Life Sciences

We at Silver Touch believe that our client success depends on the understanding of their life sciences focused enough to help them achieve their goals. We know your research and science are just as important as the business.

We are committed to helping you solve business challenges. We create opportunities and solutions that take your life science industry to another level with the latest technologies. We are here as our clients need us. They trust us to help them grow in the life science industry. The key to build an understanding is knowing the life sciences companies with detailed processes with solving business related issues with each segment and how the organization use technologies to keep up with the fast-paced industry.

Frequently Asked Questions on Life Science ERP Software

What is SAP life science?

Companies in the life sciences today need to deal with the complex business ecosystem with R&D, safety, regulatory compliance and quality control. SAP helps in managing the testing, sales, and marketing. They also need to chart a strategy with advanced technologies and solutions to understand the fallout of the healthcare industry reform to shorten the time to market.

What ERP do hospitals use?

SAP B1 ERP is used by some of the largest and longest standing healthcare organizations globally. It helps to manage the back office including accounts and financials, human resources, with more than one integrated cloud ERP platform under healthcare capabilities.

Why is ERP needed in healthcare?

The significant role of ERP healthcare management systems is to eliminate the clinical errors and human errors by boosting the operations with productivity and aligned data analytics. ERP also helps medical businesses with real-time patient needs, test reports that ensure optimal outcome.

Which industries are included under life science?

The life sciences industry consists of companies operating in the fields of pharma, biotechnology, medical devices, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, food processing and many such other dedicated efforts to create products that improve the lives of organisms.

What is SAP in pharma?

SAP B1 is a tool widely used in the pharma industry. This is SAP ERP for small and medium sized companies with complete management of all departments. Having this system operating is to facilitate drug distribution and other necessary parts of the distributors.

Why does life science need ERP?

A life science business can quickly outgrow the entry-level solutions, so it makes sense to implement scalable ERP early on. This approach provides a solid foundation that allows your business to develop without the need to undertake a large transformation project before commercialization.

Which SAP course is best for the pharmaceutical industry?

SAP business one ERP for the pharma industry integrates the functions of manufacturing, finance, and customer relationship management sectors.

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