Real Estate ERP Software

The construction and real estate industry operates in a complex ecosystem in Canada. Moving at a faster pace than any other business, real estate faces many challenges in all the aspects of its operations. From planning, executing and costing to ensuring compliance with rules and cash flow visibility, businesses in this industry can beat if equipped with robust, multi-capacity real estate and commercial ERP real estate ERP to automate them.

A simplified and user-friendly data management is the key to better operations and workflow in the organization. A majority of the operations carried out were done manually on paper which Silver Touch replaced with automated the best real estate ERP software that provides an integrated suite of management software, with streamlining the complete operations from property maintenance, inventory, leasing, and other real estate operations.

Key Features of SAP Real Estate Management Solutions

There isn’t any industry that is unaware of ERP solutions. With 360 degree visibility the rewards of an ERP implementation are even more visible now. Take a look at our SAP cloud for real estate that enhances the business.

How is SAP ERP Beneficial
to the Real Estate Industry?

We at Silver Touch provide technology-driven ERP solutions with comprehensive modules to manage every aspect of real estate and property business. From acquiring customers to creating financial reports, these ERP for real estate business run smoothly and profitably.

Owners can rely on real estate ERP solutions to meet all their real estate requirements, including operational, and business intelligence needs. These solutions provide integrated and hassle-free tools that help decision making easy to drive productivity.

  • Proper management of building maintenance
  • Customize and integration friendly
  • Cloud hosted and ready to use application
  • Smart handling or customer data and property sales
  • Report generation and financial management

Challenges Impact on Real Estate Industry

Despite being a strong performer, market fluctuations are taking a toll on the real estate and property construction sector. Inefficiency in handling these in the right way could be a challenge that would impact the growth and profitability of the business.

Real-time access to information

Businesses lack robust software that helps them with access real-time updates to fetch the status of various projects in time to make better decisions.

Diverse location data

Capturing and managing information about all the projects spread across distance locations is challenging and critical when it comes to more accurate operational decisions.

Regulatory compliance

Real estate businesses have to deal with complex data and ensure compliance during each stage and project

Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate ERP Software

What is ERP Property?

ERP is enterprise resource planning. ERP for real estate developers is a software system that allows the real estate company to implement the ERP SAP software to manage their core business processes.

What is the best in house ERP System?

SAP, SAP B1, SAP S/4 HANA are a few of the best ERP solutions in the market today. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle Netsuite are also some of the tools that work well for this industry depending on the requirement.

What is SAP in real estate?

SAP real estate management helps you to manage all the core processes around planning, construction, operation, maintenance, commercial real estate of building properties, and leasing.

Is SAP Good for Real Estate?

SAP is the best for the real estate industry. SAP helps to manage and track the increased efficiency due to shred use space. Improved business and data analytics helps structure the industry better than before.

What is RE-FX?

Basically, SAP RE-FX is a contract management solution. It enables the set up of different types of contracts under the real estate sector to manage the business partners of the contract. It keeps track of critical data in the contract lifetime and manages the conditions.

Does the real estate industry need ERP Software?

It is important for the real estate industry to get visibility and efficient productivity across the business. ERP systems make it possible by reducing the costs without rewriting industry benchmarks and maintaining the quality.

Why should you select Silver Touch for Real estate ERP software?

Adopt SAP ERP Software with Silver Touch if you are looking to avail facilities to curtail the key pain areas like planning, project budgeting and costing, poor cash flow, and adopting an integrated approach to the real estate industry. Silver Touch offers expertise to make your real estate business work efficiently.

How is ERP beneficial to the real estate industry?

The ERP software is used to reduce human errors and enhance the productivity of the business procedures. The ERP software automates and streamlines the business methods, procurements, sales, HR, inventory, financial and accounting, etc. It is used to improve cutting-edge technology to aid business growth.

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