How SAP Is Beneficial for the
High-Tech Industry?

Evolving customer needs and macro level shifts are spurring the need of high-tech software solutions to capitalize market opportunities and expand industry boundaries. Modernize with enterprise transformation and build a resilient supply chain for better customer experience.

Support Product Innovation

High-tech industry solutions provide valuable investment decisions that help the companies take innovation to the next level. It helps to develop products and offer valuable services.

  • Product delivery and compliance
  • Product management and portfolio
  • Design and project networks
  • Strategic sourcing
Supply Chain Optimization

Synchronize and streamline the process to boost the management quality control and productivity of the resources. It helps to meet the demands of the customers.

  • Sales and inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Insights and demand management
  • Planning of supply
Reduce Operational Complexity

High-tech companies can meet the demands of customers easily with digital -driven connected devices that streamline and simplify the complex operational processes.

  • Support multiple manufacturing models
  • Manage workforce and floor automation
  • Benefit of project management capabilities
  • Utilization optimized though assets
Offers Cloud Platform

Modern cloud platforms can eliminate the traditional paperwork. It gives your industry a competition and innovative thinking to offer solutions like never before. It helps to reduce bottlenecks easily.

  • Agile solutions
  • IoT connectivity and big data analytics
  • Digitized key processes of the enterprise
  • Customized solution with high-tech IT solutions
Provides Competitive Edge

Customized ERP high-tech software acts as a single platform to meet organizational requirements. It provides feature-rich SAP solutions for high-tech industries to remain competitive.

  • Content-based marketing
  • Optimizing marketing services
  • Easy for customers use
  • Overcome ever-changing customer demands
Enhances Customer Service

High-tech ERP solutions are made to satisfy the customers. Customer service support is the pillar of any business and SAP solutions makes all the effort to assess and handle every process.

  • Performance management
  • Customer experience management
  • Service management
  • Omnichannel customer support

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SAP High Tech Industry Solutions For Specific Business Needs

Customized ERP solutions for high-tech industry can assist you to meet the challenges and bring innovative product automation to the process. Silver Touch has developed tailored SAP ERP for high-tech for

Enabling Innovative and Smart Enterprise/p>

Transforming Core Process and Operations

Creating Successful Strategy with Industry 4.0

Offering Cloud Computing and other Concepts with S/4 HANA

Vision 2025: End-to-End Process for High-Tech


Strategic Priorities for High-Tech Sector

As per our high-tech industry vision of 2025, platforms and subscription-based services will be considered as of high value in the high-tech industries. It will monetize their intellectual property. There are three strategic priorities identified to achieve success with the industry vision for high-tech industry.



As we witness the shift in high-tech industry with smart and innovative solutions, the strategy from selling products and services to significant outcomes are relevant bringing in customer satisfaction.

Supply Network

Supply Network

Does the same process fit all businesses? To gather everything at one place, a high-tech company needs high-tech solutions and a smart supply network to fit in all.

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

High-tech companies need to implement various business models to achieve customer satisfaction. In this digital economy we help you with high-tech consulting services for better customer intimacy.

Silver Touch Value Proposition to High-Tech Industry

At Silver Touch, we understand the needs of thriving high-tech companies in the new digital world. With customized SAP ERP solutions and other ERP modules, we assist high-tech companies to follow the best practices while achieving top-notch operational excellence.

  • Strategy

    At Silver Touch we assist high-tech companies to accelerate the creation of business models to enhance innovation, explore new opportunities from market research for more mergers and acquisitions. High-tech businesses can leverage the benefits for better compliance and risk management.

  • Employee

    A feature-rich and customized SAP ERP powered software solutions will provide excellent user experience with all the digital products of your company. We contribute to increase the productivity of the employees and our solutions are user-centric. Our processes are role-driven that empowers each employee to work with more dedication and efficiently.

  • Benefits
    for Business

    Our customized SAP ERP software for high-tech industry benefits your business with 20% increase in on-time delivery, 15% increase in customer satisfaction, and more than 25% reduction in managing inventory levels. Our solutions have helped businesses in many ways and will always innovate more ideas and solutions to help the industry better.

  • Reduced Total
    Cost of Ownership

    With the reduction of data footprint and elimination of desktop clients, our solutions have helped in reducing the total cost of ownership over the time. You can get native integration in the simplified landscapes with our top most tailored SAP high-tech solutions for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions on High-Tech ERP Solutions

What is included in high tech?

High technology or high-tech is known as the advanced technology or exotechnology for every industry. This technology has cutting-edge tech that helps every industry reach excellence and its vision with innovation. It can be defined as either the most complex or the new digitized form of technology in the market. It includes:

  • Electronics.
  • Electronics industry.
  • Photonics industry.
  • Nuclear technology.
  • Quantum technology.
  • Intermediate technology
  • Industrial design.
  • Emerging technologies.
Why is it called high tech?

There are 16 high-tech manufacturing ERP industries that are classified into high-tech as they provide a large concentration of engineering works. 12 are service industries that tend to have higher concentrations towards computers and science and mathematical occupations to help the high-tech growing companies.

What is high tech software?

High-tech software provides software development tools and techniques that design an embedded system. The company offers compilers, eclipse based integrated development environment and microcontroller with DSP chip architectures.

What is the SAP road map for high tech?
  • Production Innovation and Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Marketing as a Growth Driver
  • Subscriptions and Sales Outcomes
  • Customer Service Excellence Outcome
Does ERP add value in the high tech manufacturing world?

Yes. High-tech manufacturing ERP can help you address the market opportunities with the high-tech sector. It helps to drive the information that brings together the process and data under one management category.

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