What is Google Cloud Managed Services?

Being a Google cloud managed services provider in Canada, we focus at adopting the cloud more due to immense benefits of the niche technology. As the cloud is constantly evolving it undergoes rapid changes and this helps in inventing new products, technologies, services and solutions on a daily basis. With these developments, there comes along huge security threats for businesses. Due to all these reasons, organizations tend to partner with Google cloud professional services in Canada.

Entire responsibility of implementation, maintenance and management of the cloud services will be taken care by our Cloud professionals. We help you streamline and automate operations, leverage modern technologies and offer greater flexibility, reliability and security.

At Silver Touch, we offer result-oriented Google cloud consulting services to analyze and match your business requirements. From creating custom cloud-based applications to ensuring seamless migration to cloud, we manage the entire IT needs of your business.

Why you should choose Google Cloud Services?

  • Google cloud based services offer a full-range of services for any application architecture
  • It helps in rapid development, and deployment of applications.
  • Google cloud service manages databases, and storage with utmost efficiency.
  • Scales automatically according to the business needs.
  • Serves cost-effectiveness as you pay-as-you-use.
  • Google cloud service offers better pricing compared to other cloud platforms.
  • Provides Google grade security for Google cloud infrastructure as a service.
  • Brings unmatched reliability with global cloud networking.
  • Enables future-proof infrastructure that renders exclusive performance.
  • Powerful data and analytics capable of accelerating your business.
  • Facilitates live migration of machines with less downtime.
  • Provides serverless, and fully managed computing for upscaling.

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Cloud Migration Process

We count on our multi-level planning and full-integrated policies that cater to successful Google cloud platform adoption to ensure great results. Our Google cloud platform process involves below full-proof steps:

Validation of Cloud Readiness

We analyze our client’s workflow and the volume that is ready for migration to the cloud for better efficiency.

Validation of the Infrastructure

We assess infrastructural gaps and measure capabilities to design the migration model that can sustain for long

Cloud Migration Process
Set up of Google Cloud Platform

We will prepare and setup Google cloud platform by running security compliance checks on the infrastructure prepared.

Migration Testing

We will virtually simulate migration to ensure the outcome of the process is successful.

Migration Deployment Live

We will test the Google cloud platform full functional for the application before Go-live.

Why Choose Us as your Google Cloud Migration Partner?

By partnering with Silver Touch, you can benefit with the following services:

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