An Integrated Solution to Implement Multi-Channel Retailing

The global retail market has seen considerable growth in the past few years and is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the economy. Silver Touch Providing business flexibility is the major challenge faced by companies currently. Businesses need to implement multi-channel retail as using a single channel for marketing is not sufficient for customers and shoppers who find it convenient to use tablets and smart phones to make purchases. Moreover, customers have adopted a practice of comparing the product features online before purchasing, which is a matter of concern for traditional retailers.

SAP Business One for Retail is used by prominent retailers to manage their point of sales (POS) insights and all retail operations. It is the optimal solution for SMBs to carry out their end-to-end solutions with utmost efficiency by controlling financial and supply chain cycles.

Business Functions of Retail

Following business functions of Retail Companies are covered in our solution for retails:

  • Opportunity to Cash
  • Assets Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Partner Management
  • Financing Profitability Optimization
  • Marketing, Sales and Service Support
  • E-commerce Management
Features and Benefits of ERP Systems for the Logistics Industry

Benefits of SAP Business One for Retail Industry

  • Extensive on-line/off-line capabilities
  • Boost sales by avoiding stock-outs, so the right items on hand when clients come to the store
  • Cash, account based or split payments
  • Increase in customer loyalty by providing on time delivery and better services
  • Integrated POS functionality with cash-ups, lay-bys, credit cards and allegiance programs
  • Reduce the inventory cost by stream line and integrated inventory management system
  • Strengthen your market coverage by online presence and sales
  • Integrated barcode scanning, printing and cash drawing mechanism

Industry Dynamics

The retail industry is focused on driving personalized, contextual, and relevant shopping experiences for today’s customers:

  • Customer Centricity to detect, predict, and anticipate current and future needs of the consumer and offer the right products and assortments, and to provide the right experience all the way from awareness to the shopping journey, delivery, and post purchase engagement
  • Service to the Segment of One to drive impactful, personalized, and contextual consumer experiences and meet each consumer’s demands just in time with the right corresponding personalized offer
  • Digital Supply Chains to create an automated, connected, hands-free, end-to-end supply chain aimed at delivering new levels of speed and efficiency as well as superior value to shoppers and consumers
  • Smart Stores to revitalize the store as a brand-building experience center integrated with online shopping processes, with store staff equipped with data and technology to drive compelling shopping experiences
  • New Customer Offers and Business Models by deepening the understanding of your customers’ needs to create new revenue-generating offers and services, and by exploring new customer engagement models and payment options
  • Improve Overall Efficiency with retail ERP systems. SMBs can better manage their resources when they implement ERP software for the retail industry.

Strategic Priorities for our Customers

Silver Touch INC works with our retail customers to:

  • Facilitate a single real-time view of the customer and the business with one unified platform (available from SAP or Salesforce)
  • Optimize the customer experience with innovative front-office technology and timely, accurate fulfillment through the back end with retail ERP solutions
  • Realize significant productivity and agility gains for savings and responsiveness with real-time information flow and visibility across channels and locations
  • Get a 360 degree view of all digital customer interactions
  • Engage the workforce by improving user experience and automating high-volume repetitive tasks
  • Greater ability of store associates and store managers to serve their customers effectively when equipped with the right information
  • Accelerate new business models with technology that allows retailers to run truly vertical operations and launch innovative engagement and payment models like specially designed ERP software for the retail industry
  • Actionable insights based on unified, real-time data and processes with built-in system suggestions for decision support

Customer Testimonial

“I was referred to silvertouch as a trusted SAP partner while we were exploring an ERP software for our retail business. For anyone that has done a full migration of any business software, you understand what an undertaking and stressful process this can be. We decided to partner with silvertouch as they had some experience with companies in our industry and came well recommended. I have to say that I am extremely grateful that we made the decision to partner with them. The silvertouch team was fantastic in laying out a plan and navigating us through it. Like any large scale undertaking, there were definitely some bumps in the road but with every obstacle that we encountered, the team at silvertouch was professional, patient and incredibly supportive in coming up with solutions to get to our business transitioned. I have retained silvertouch’s services since our ERP transition many years back and have used them to provide invaluable analytics into my business.”
COO, Wireless Retail & Distribution Company
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