This solution has been developed to perfectly meet the needs of any size of business from SMEs to enterprise level business. Delivery Management Solution will help you to manage delivery and its tracking better.

4 in One Solution

  • Job
  • Vehicle
  • Mobile
  • CRM

Back Office Operations

  • Google Mapping –Google maps with different views
  • Geofencing – Geofencing will allow you to define important zones on the map
  • Alerts – Alert on web-users or mobile resources, vehicles
  • Journey History- Replay turn by turn history of each journey
  • CRM & Contacts – CRM activities and Client account management
  • Fleet & Resource Management – Defeat and Fleet Management
Discrete Manufacturing

Mobility Solution for Driver

  • Timesheets – Accurate time sheets with mobility solution
  • Driver Checks – Driver and vehicle checks can be carried out effectively
  • Expenses – Quick and easy expenses log
  • Driver Debrief – Driver ratings and feedbacks
  • Messaging – Secure messaging between back office and field
Discrete Manufacturing

Integrated Tracking

  • Real-time Tracking – Quick response and work smarter
  • Hard Wired or Plug & Go – GPS tracking of vehicles and equipment
  • Managers Mobile App – Mobile Application for managers to view live vehicle status, locations, dashboard and reports
  • Trailer Tracking – Tracking solution for trailers
  • Plant & Equipment – Ease of tracking of plant and equipment
  • Smartphone Tracking – Tracking through smartphones

Key benefits from Delivery Management System:

  • Total visibility means higher productivity
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • React quickly with real time data
  • Daily or weekly reports give you a clear insights
  • Complete more jobs daily with a more efficient operation
  • Alerts when vehicles visit key locations or enter zones/territories that you define
  • Quick and easy management of time sheets with GPS
  • Ease of tracking of plant and equipment
  • Driver with behaviuor feedback
  • Secure messaging between back office and field

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