Silver Touch provides a comprehensive integration tool that allows you to connect your ecommerce portals, market places or CRM applications with backend SAP Business One ERP system. It automates your business functions, providing real-time data and improving your business overall productivity.

This tool provides seamless Integration with the following e-Commerce Platforms:

Solution Capabilities:

  • Order Sync

    With this tool, enterprise owners can sync web orders with SAP Business One, through a dynamic mapping screen.

  • Utilising Guest Customers Details

    It helps to sync the guest users details with SAP Business One for marketing campaign activities.

  • Multiple Warehouse Management

    It supports multiple warehouse management between SAP Business One and e-Commerce platforms. Sales order can be fulfilled more efficiently, making inventory management much easier.

  • Business Partner Management

    With the help of this tool data of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and more can be synced with SAP Business One. This Business Partner data can be used for further communication or marketing campaigns.

  • Web Store-wise Pricing

    It allows attaching SAP Business One pricelists with e-Commerce platforms for B2C segments, allowing them to have different prices for an item on different platforms based on the SAP Business One pricelist.

  • Payment Methods

    It will sync your ecommerce platform s payment methods with SAP Business One, supporting both online and offline payments.

  • Approvals for Sales Order

    It can download web orders as ‘draft sales order’ in SAP Business One for verification, allowing concerned employees to approve sales order in SAP Business One.

  • Credit Limit Allocation

    SAP Business One users can set the payment process credit limit or period for different customers.

  • Multicurrency and Multilanguage support

    It supports multiple currency conversion product description while synchronising e-Commerce platforms with SAP Business One.

  • Group Pricing for B2B & B2C Customers

    Multiple customers groups can be defined and can be associated with its corresponding SAP Business One price lists for pricing strategy.

Additional Features for B2C and B2B e-Commerce Platforms

  • Customer Segmentation & Promotional Schemes

    Customer Segmentation & Promotional Schemes

    It helps SAP Business One users to identify ecommerce customers, differentiate them through customer groups like reseller, distributor, not logged-in, registered or not etc.

  • Scheduling Activities


    Some activities like bulk product price updates and stock updates in SAP Business One can be pre-scheduled to be updated during a particular slot of time.

  • Tier Pricing or Quantity Discounts

    Tier Pricing or
    Quantity Discounts

    SAP Business One volume or period discounts can be mapped with eCommerce platforms and tier pricing.

Market Places: Amazon | eBay

Customer Information Synchronisation

Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have millions of registered users. This being a marketplace, no separate store is available for different vendors. So when a registered user purchases products from these Market Places, their details along with the primary address and shipping address will be synced with SAP Business One in Business Partner Master Data.

Sales Order Synchronisation

Sales orders placed in Amazon or eBay will sync with SAP Business One as ERP sales orders. Sales orders whether active or completed, can be downloaded to SAP Business One through market place integration. As eBay supports bidding, the product price differences will be shown as a discount in SAP Business One sales order at the time of purchase.

Real Time Inventory updates

SAP Business One inventory updates are directly updated in Marketplace s product listing of the seller’s account. Inventories can be set for all Warehouses as a combined inventory, or can be set for a specific warehouse for buying through Marketplaces.

Product Synchronisation

SAP Business One Product Groups can be mapped with Amazon s or eBay s Product Categories.

Shipment and Delivery Synchronisation

SAP Business One deliveries will be synced with Market places and will be added as Shipment and Delivery information. This information added from SAP Business One will update the order status in Amazon or eBay and customers will get a notification for the update from these Market Places.

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